Black Pepper Powder

The Alleppey pepper is highly aromatic and highly acclaimed for its superb taste and bite. A southern district of Kerala, Alleppey is known for its ‘bold’ berried peppers. The taste of pepper is sharp, hot, and biting. The spice has a warming effect. An ancient and essential herb, it is among the oldest in the world. In ancient times, it was used to pay taxes. Three thousand pounds of pepper were demanded as ransom when the Huns laid siege to Rome in 410 A.D.


North Indian cuisine uses pepper extensively to add warmth and spice to vegetables. This spice is used in non-vegetarian preparations in the South. Additionally, pepper is essential in the classic Indian four-spice dish Garam Masala. When boiled with basil leaves, peppercorns are said to relieve chest congestion.

Packaging Available In

50 gms / 100 gms

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